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Each class consists of exercises, combinations and choreography.

Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz™

Keeping the spice of Bollywood intact, Shiamak enhanced it with the technique of jazz. Fitness and finesse became synonymous with Shiamak's choreography in Bollywood. Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz™ is a high-energy program and a super hit amongst all age groups.


Shabop is a cool, urban dance style, blending Hip Hop and Street Funk with signature Shiamak moves. Students are encouraged to add their own Shabop to the choreography and bring their own creative expression to the moves. Young, energetic, urban, cool, SHABOP!

Shiamak’s Indo Jazz™

Shiamak’s Indo Jazz™ is a creative amalgamation of indo contemporary and jazz movement with influences of Indian classical and folk dance and a strong focus on technique. This intricate yet enjoyable style is easily identifiable due to the breathtaking formations and visuals created with dance.

Shiamak’s Bollywood Workout

Bollywood dance moves to Bollywood grooves. Shiamak's Bollywood Workout is a high-energy cardio blast designed to de-stress, improve muscle tone, increase stamina and make you sweat and shine. An excellent energy booster at any time of day.


Spring Funk™, Summer Funk™, Summer Funk™ 2 and Winter Funk™ shows are a platform for students to learn, perform on stage and be a star! Students learn their favorite dance styles through the course, practice choreography and design costumes and properties. They also learn stage performance technique, build confidence, discipline, teamwork and professionalism. Dance enthusiasts from the age of four to eighty four and from all walks of life enjoy a complete performing arts experience in a professional environment embodying the motto, ‘Have Feet. Will Dance.’  
Funk shows in spring, summer and winter are held at prominent auditoriums and tickets generally go on sale a few weeks prior to the show for students and their family and friends. Tickets for general public subject to availability.

Courses that do not culminate in a Funk show would usually end with an informal yet professionally organized presentation by the students for the students only.


A specially designed program for school children that may form a part of the school’s regular curriculum or be offered as an extra curricular activity within their school premises.

The program educates and empowers children with knowledge of various dance styles, the fundamentals of dance technique, aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. It helps students to de-stress, stay active, improve posture and develop a confident, well-rounded personality. The complete performing arts experience enables students to overcome stage fright, become more confident, improve team spirit and feel a great sense of achievement.

Each dance session includes:
Warm up and isolation exercises
Dance activities
Cool down

Workshops can be customized to suit the students' and school's requirements.


Dance workshops, samplers and personal training sessions can be customized to individual or group requirements and may be based on dance style, duration and event. Contact us to organize a specially designed SHIAMAK DANCE WORKSHOP in your city, at your home, office, studio or school.