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SUMMER FUNK 2019 ( APRIL 13th to JUNE 2nd)

SHIAMAK Summer Funk in its Silver Jubilee year!




It takes courage, consistency and compassion to create something that brings the whole world on the same stage, quite literally! In a time when dance held a limited definition, Shiamak Davar took upon himself the task to expand the horizon and create a platform for dance enthusiasts to express themselves. A movement that started with a motto of "Have Feet. Will Dance." spread far and wide and today, as millions of dancers have one number of their mind, we celebrate the Spirit of 25!




SHIAMAK Summer Funk started in 1994 as a workshop where students from ages four to eighty four learnt their favorite dance styles and performed on stage in front of the live audience. Shiamak found the stage as his second home, and wanted to share the joy of dance and stage performance with one and all. He firmly believed that everyone who had the interest, could dance. Today, as the world celebrates the Silver Jubilee, a glorious legacy of 25 years, the impact has been phenomenal.




Shiamak started his dance classes in Mumbai, and this is where Summer Funk began too. Today, it takes place in multiple cities across India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Australia. For dance enthusiasts, summers have become synonymous with this workshop. The shows has taken the shape of various themes and concepts, a stage that changes people's lives forever.




This year the show will celebrate its 25 years. Tracing Shiamak's journey, his struggles, spiritual calling, his mission, its global appeal and of course, the success. With memories from the initial days, the landmarks, the epic moments and special memories, this show will be a grand celebration of all that the show has achieved over the years.




The Summer Funk stage has been home to many stars. In fact, many stars were born on this very stage and often visit back to a place they call closest to their heart. The likes of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khattar and many more have been a part of Summer Funk. The next generation of Bollywood is also actively participating in this show based workshop.




A dream that began in a studio with seven students is today a global phenomenon. A stage that makes dreams come true has positively impacted the society at large. A mission that started off as "Have Feet. Will Dance." has extended to " Have Spirit. Will Triumph." 25 is a tribute to his spirit of making dreams come true, creating milestones, making memories and creating a community where everyone speaks the language of dance.


  SUMMER FUNK 2019      
  Batch starts - 13th April 2019 , Saturday      
  Online Enrolments starting February 25th      
  Summer Funk Show date: 2nd June, 2019 ( SHOW TICKET PRICE and COSTUME COST NOT INCLUDED IN THE FEE)      
  Online fee : 4600/-      
  No of sessions : 15/ Frequency: twice a week      
  Fee for Adults: Online Early Bird - Rs. 4600 (valid till April 21st)      
  Fee for Adults after April 21st - Rs. 4800      
  Fee for Children & Juniors - Rs. 4300 (throughout the batch duration)      
  Style Combo Discount for adults: 2 styles 10%(8640/-), 3 styles 25% on Batch Fee(10800/-)      
  DEFENCE DISCOUNT - 30 % (4800 - 1440 = 3360/-)      
  SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT - 50%(4800 - 2400 = 2400/-)(60YEARS AND ABOVE)      
  (4800 + 4800 +  2400 = 12000/-)      
  SUMMER FUNK HOLIDAYS : No Holidays      
  Please note: Banashankari (BSK) and Indiranagar (IND) will get only 14 classes till June 2      
  Compensatory class for BSK and IND will be given on 10 May (Friday) & 30 May (Thursday) respectively      
1  KORAMANGALA - AERO FTINESS CENTRE  - Venue Add: No. 818, 80 feet road, near NGV signal, Koramangala 8th block, Bengaluru -560095       
  Saturday/ Sunday (morning)     Class starts - 13th April    
  11.15am to 12.00pm Children Beginner+Elementary Multistyle
  10.30am to 11.15am Juniors Beginner+Elementary Multistyle
  8.30am to 9.30am Adults 1 General Hip-hop
  9.30am to 10.30am Adults 2 General Contemporary
2  SARJAPUR - PLAY ARENA - Venue Add: No. 75, Kasavnahalli, Near Total Mall, Off Sarjapur Rd, Bengaluru - 560035       
  Saturday/ Sunday (morning)     Class starts -13th April    
  10.45am to 11.30am Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  10.00am to 10.45am Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  9.00am to 10.00am Adults General Bollywood Jazz
3  ST MARKS ROAD - TRYST STUDIO - Venue Add: G-007 Excellency Building, Papanna Street, St. Marks Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru - 560001       
  Saturday evening/Sunday morning  Class starts -13th April    
  03.00pm to 03.45pm / 10.45am to 11.30am Children Beginners+Elementary Multistyle
  03.45pm to 04.30pm / 10.00am to 10.45am Juniors Beginners+Elementary Multistyle
  04.30pm to 05.30pm / 09.00am to 10.00am Adults General Bollywood Jazz
  5:30pm to 6:30pm/ 11:30am to 12:30pm Adults ADVANCE Audition Multistyle
4  SADASHIVNAGAR - STEPPERZ STUDIO - Venue Add: No 393, 2nd Floor, 13th cross, above karnataka bank, near bashyam circle, Bengaluru - 560080       
  Saturday / Sunday (evening) Class starts -13th April    
  05.30pm to 06.15pm Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  06.15pm to 07.00pm Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  07.00pm to 08.00pm Adults 1 General Hip-hop
  08.00pm to 09.00pm Adults 2 General Bollywood Jazz
5  JAYANAGAR - GLITTERERS - Venue Add: The Glitterer's, 4th floor, Opp Ramakrishna Nursing Home, 2nd block, close to South-End circle and Madhavan Park, Bengaluru - 560011       
  Saturday evening / Sunday morning Class starts -13th April    
  04.00pm to 04.45pm / 10.45am to 11.30am Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  04.45pm to 05.30pm / 10.00am to 10.45am Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  05.30pm to 06.30pm / 09.00am to 10.00am Adults 1 General Contemporary
  06.30pm to 07.30pm / 08.00am to 09.00am Adults 2 General Bollywood Jazz
6  JP NAGAR - WE FITNESS STUDIO - Venue Add: 17th cross, 5th phase, 3rd floor, take a left after Baskin and Robins,  Bengaluru - 560078       
  Saturday evening / Sunday morning Class starts -13th April    
  03.00pm to 03.45pm / 11.45am to 12.30pm Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  03.45pm to 04.30pm / 11.00am to 11.45am Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  04.30pm to 05.30pm / 10.00am to 11.00am Adults 1 General Hip-hop
  05.30pm to 06.30pm / 09.00am to 10.00am Adults 2 General Bollywood Jazz
  06.30pm to 07.30pm / 08.00am to 09.00am Adults 3 General Contemporary
7  MARATHAHALLI - BODY AND SOUL - Venue Add: Inside Spice Garden Compound, Old Airport, Behind Village Supermarket – Whitefield Road, Marathalli, Bengaluru - 560037       
  Saturday/ Sunday (evening) Class starts -13th April    
  05.00pm to 05.45pm Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  05.45pm to 06.30pm Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  06.30pm to 07.30pm Adults 1 General Contemporary
  07.30pm to 08.30pm Adults 2 General Bollywood Jazz
8  BANASHANKARI - INFINITY FITNESS STUDIO - Venue Add : No 398, 24thcross, near SLV caffe, Opp Indian Bank, Bengaluru - 560070       
  Tuesday/ Thursday Class starts -16th April    
  6:00pm to 6:45pm Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  7:00pm to 8:00pm Adults General Bollywood Jazz
9  INDIRANAGAR - ROTARY CLUB - Venue Add: Rotary House of Service, 16th E Main,Opp Rotary BDA park, Next to Lohita Hospital, Bengaluru - 560008       
  Wednesday/ Friday Class starts - 17th April    
  05:30pm to 06:15pm Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  06:15pm to 07:00pm Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  07:00pm to 08:00pm Adults 1 General Bollywood Jazz
  08.00pm to 09.00pm Adults 2 General Contemporary
10  FORUM SHANTINIKETAN - Venue Add: Algorythm, inside Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield Main road, Hoodi, Bengaluru - 560067       
  Tuesday/Thursday Class starts - 16th April    
  05:30pm to 06:15pm Children Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  06:30pm to 07:15pm Juniors Beginners + Elementary Multistyle
  07:30pm to 08:30pm Adults General Bollywood Jazz