"I think OYP makes you more disciplined as a dancer and as a person. It gives you vast knowledge about dance both theoretically and physically from different dance teachers. You get to learn from someone like Shiamak and train under him. You also get to meet a lot of different dancers from all over the world and share your dance experiences. I think it's the best dance program in India for anyone who wants to be a professional dancer in the future. You live a dancers life for a year and it's just a start to something amazing. If dance is a big part of your life and you want to be a professional dancer personally I think Shiamak's OYP is the best place for you and it's a very big platform"

Aishwarya Raut (Mumbai)

"The most important thing that I learnt in OYP is to always be positive and to block any negative thoughts. This control of mind and thoughts has helped me in dance as well. Assisting Shiamak in OYP was my first teaching experience I never thought I'd be able to teach over sixty students. I couldn't speak in English at all, but with OYP my confidence has improved a lot and now I can teach in English and talk to guest international teachers without fear. Along with dance, I've gained knowledge in handling administrative responsibilities as well including documentation and maintaining video archives. OYP has changed me completely for the better."

Kalpit Kharvasiya (Ahmedabad)

"I would like to first thank Shiamak Davar for selecting me for the One Year Program. I was one of the weak students at the beginning, but one day Shiamak told me to just trust him and I would grow as a person. From that day on I have given my soul to him. He's made me positive and a good person. I got the opportunity to act in a film called “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” and dance with Jacqueline Fernandez in Star Guild awards. If you want to be a good dancer, if you want to be a good human being, and if you want to make a career in dance then OYP is a must for you."

Pratik Keswani (Mumbai)

"Through OYP, Shiamak has given me a chance to live my dream, gifted me a family away from my family back home, for making me realise who I am and making me understand that dance is much more than just steps. I never had the opportunity of dancing professionally at shows, with OYP I got to perform at many shows including Star Guild Awards, Star Parivaar Awards and Mirchi Music Awards. While watching Shiamak choreograph at these shows, I actually realise why Shiamak is Shiamak! I truly learnt how to be professional while working."

Apoorva Jain (Saharanpur)

"Oyp has really changed my life. Before the program, I was a complete introvert and scared to talk to people. But now I can freely express myself. My friends have also noticed this change for the better and feel I have become more independent. Shiamak is the coolest Guru I have met and he is always there to help and guide us. Performing with The Shiamak Davar Dance Company, watching the instructors dance and the film stars rehearse, all this was a dream come true. During one of these shows I tweeted and the legend, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan actually remembered and called me on stage to meet me. This was the biggest event in my life and want to thank Shiamak for it."

Kumar Rishabh (Pune)

"I'm from Vancouver, Canada and I have been a part of SHIAMAK for nearly ten years as a student. My teacher insisted that I must do OYP because I wanted to dance for life, so I decided to learn from Shiamak himself and came all the way to India. The best part about OYP was learning different styles and technique from teachers that came from abroad like Esophia, Che, Tara Jean and Mark. The overall learning experience from Shiamak himself was the best thing ever. We had a lot of different lectures including acting and dance therapy that I enjoyed a lot. I really want to thank Shiamak for giving me this opportunity and giving me this life changing experience. Not only did we learn dance, technique and style, but we also learnt about ourselves and how to grow as people. For the people who want to join OYP, you should really go for it because it's an unbelievable experience and I can't even put words to what I felt and experienced."

Priya Pranjivan (Vancouver)

"I'm from London and joined Shiamak's classes when they first started here in May 2011. I was selected in SPB and began training. I was very eager to learn and when I found out about OYP, I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do. Learning so many different things all day, every day is a gift but the fact that we were taught by Shiamak himself pushed me to do OYP even more. OYP has taught me that dance isn't just about the movement of your physical body, it's more about the movement of your emotions through your soul which are limitless. We have really learnt how to let go of our emotions and dance freely, but with the technique. This one year has been a major catalyst in my personal growth and it has helped me to understand what my strengths and weaknesses are, how to accept them and nurture the, how to adjust and adapt, everything."

Hridya Maneck (London)

"OYP is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to come to Bombay and learn from Shiamak himself. The most important I learnt is to dance for my own self. Dance is a selfless art where you just move with your soul without thinking, without judging. Shiamak for me is pure heart. From taking care of us like family, making sure we reach home safely, just everything. I got many opportunities during OYP to perform in many shows like Filmfare awards, IIFA Utsavam, Opening Ceremony of ISL, and got a chance to perform with Shiamak himself! While we had the best faculty with teachers from India and abroad; the best thing about the program was learning from Shiamak. He brings out the best in us. Regular evaluations helped us not only to overcome fear but to be more confident. He shared some of his memories with us and made sure that we spoke to him too just like a family! OYP really changes your life and changes you as a person."

Shivani Jha

"My OYP journey was also filled up with a lot of learning. I learnt that our body is special and that we should take proper care of it. The problem with me was that I used to think a lot. I used to judge myself a lot and I was always scared of how others would judge me. But in OYP I was able to push these thoughts away from me. I learnt that there will always be someone better than you so you need to compete from yourself and not the others. I learnt that everyone dancing together is more powerful than someone dancing alone. I used to think that I have a lot of problems in my life but when I got to know about the difficulties that others were facing, my problems seemed very small in front of theirs' and I got the motivation to fight them. We got the chance to learn from Shiamak himself, and also we were taught by the best and most experienced teachers in his company and by international teachers. The best part about OYP is its schedule - Ballet in the morning followed by other different styles through the day and then Shiamak Style in the evening. OYP is the best platform to receive professional training from the ultimate professionals. It is helpful in overall personality development. It will not only take your dancing skills to another level but it will also teach you a lot about life."

Rajvi Dedhia

"It was a one year journey that changed my life completely. I met amazing dancers who really inspired me and made me realize my potential. The program not only made me physically stronger but also mentally. OYP has taught me self-control and made me a responsible adult. The main thing I learnt is to be confident and to speak up without being shy. By acknowledging this, it also made me a better dancer as it made me confident while performing. Performing at shows actually helped me in class as well, plus we got to dance alongside the biggest Bollywood stars. Being from the UK, it seemed like a far - fetched dream but Shiamak made it come true for us."

Jalpa Vala

"Every lesson and every moment I spent during the One Year Program resides within me and will always do. The best moments were always with Shiamak who’s wisdom and lessons were a true gift to receive and I will always be grateful. During OYP, I learnt a lot about myself as a person and a dancer. As a dancer I learnt of my potential, that I love Shiamak Style and Jazz, as opposed to me having Hip Hop background, and that I love to be creative and bring forth a picture that others haven't seen before. We performed at many shows including IIFA Utsavam, Zee Cine awards and the Filmfare Awardsthat exposed us to a lot of learning opportunities. The faculty taught us so much yet kept us hungry to keep learning. OYP also allows you to find yourself and who you truly are during your time in the program. OYP allowed me to break my walls and access my potential as a dancer which has allowed me to improve."

Akash Deo