Easing hectic work schedules and professional stress, Shiamak spreads the joy of dance to working professionals in their corporate space! SHIAMAK Corporate Dance Program is an initiative to add physical activity and dance movement to the otherwise sedentary lifestyle of working professionals. An extremely successful program, these dance sessions are almost therapeutic, adding a stride in their work environ.

Besides the choreography that they learn and the fitness it brings, the program provides the following benefits:

  • Creative outlet of expression and emotion
  • Improved team work
  • Enhances relationship between colleagues
  • Improved work results
  • Positive environ

Participants learn their favorite dance styles in a customized workshop that caters to their preferences and helps them understand the importance of physical fitness, health and exercise; all this in a fun, stress free and relaxed environment. Shiamak's Corporate Dance is the perfect way to keep their spirit young and their thinking positive!